If your company is ready to grow and seize more opportunities, Mago4 management software can help you. Mago4 is in fact an Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP - solution that is entirely modular and easily adaptable to every need, helping small and medium-sized companies to automate and integrate sales, purchasing, accounting, production, warehouse and logistics management... and much more.

With Mago4 you get better results and performance

Welcome to the Mago4 ERP guided tour: discover the management areas of daily use, integrations and functions to support your business.

  • Financial management and accounting – Manage your company’s accounts in a transparent manner, monitor the company’s performance in real time and comply with tax obligations while complying with legal requirements.
  • Sales and Purchasing – Manage offers and billing, keep track of all active and passive cycle documents, sales staff and every stage of negotiations.
  • Logistics chain and warehouse operations – Rationalize and make the most of your warehouse, managing price lists, orders and suppliers… even on the move.
  • Production Planning – Create estimates, control projects and processes through comprehensive capacity and resource planning, with a view to operational efficiency and superior organization.
  • Flexible customization – Create the management configuration that best fits your business needs, implement advanced control and security tools, improve the flow of information in the company.
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting – Get a holistic view of your business and make decisions that take into account all the information you can get easily and immediately.
  • Integration and collaboration – Take advantage of the Mago4 ERP’s native predisposition to communicate biunivocally with third-party software, family software and specific vertical solutions, thanks to the infinite extension capabilities you have available.
  • International localization support – Compete globally using a variety of currencies, languages and regulations to extend your business without geographical and administrative constraints.
  • Security and monitoring – Protects the company’s information assets by monitoring activities on them and parameterizing access and operations on company data.

If I like how can I buy it?

If I like how can I resell it?

You can install a demo version and try it out in your company; you will be provided with all the support for the implementation of your new ERP.

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