Warehouse and Logistics

With the Mago4 functionalities devoted to the logistics chain and warehouse operations, you can rationalize your stocks, precisely enhance the value of your inventories, track every movement and check the exact location of each items, managing price lists on goods and services in a flexible way. Mago4 ERP Software Warehouse Management allows you to rationalise stocks, precisely track every movement and manage price lists for goods and services in a flexible way.

Optimized warehouse and transparent logistics

The quantities and values of the stock in the warehouse are a crucial factor for your company.
The optimum valuation method and the additional costs must be parameterizable according to requirements – for change of destination, transportation or warehousing. The calculation is fully automatically.
It would be perfect if the warehouse send a daily email with the necessary requirements, suggesting in the warehouse order what are the requirements to be fulfilled…. It would be much easier, and… it is!
In fact, the Mago4 ERP modules, dedicated to warehousing and logistics, are designed to provide support in a fully automatic way and guide you in the daily business.

Optimising the flow of goods, minimising storage times, increasing delivery capacity, reducing costs for your services and at the same time increasing customer satisfaction. Logistics is the first step in the optimization of your processes more and more. The Mago4 ERP offers all the necessary flexibility: changes to processes can be made during the operational phase. This makes it possible to react quickly to changes in the market, to new competitors or define new commercial strategies, thus ensuring leadership in your sector.

Mago4 facilitates the central connection of sales and production processes, whether it means: manage sales branches with centralised warehouses, wholesalers, cash & carry, mail order with e-Commerce or production logistics, mass-production or customised, thanks to the comprehensive management of several warehouses and different warehouse zones.

Regardless of the number of sites, specific procedure can be defined for each warehouse and different strategies can be established in-house.
All options can be managed via mobile app and are therefore accessible to all your employees, depending on the assigned permissions. For example printing labels, barcode or RFID; cross-docking or controlling the automatic stock with the KANBAN system. Every process is under control via mobile.
The management can controll all the processes and make updates at any time, independently and easily

In Mago everything flows into a central logistic process. The advantages are clear: the flow of goods and values is traceable through the inventory processes, regardless of the type of material, and this is true for every process. This makes it much easier to track and analyse processes, helping to discovery and increase the potential of the company.

The Plus of Mago4

  • REDUCTION OF STORAGE COSTS through centralised inventory control – Cross-Warehousing
  • OPTIMAL COMMITMENT of employees through a better allocation of orders
  • MANAGEMENT OF STOCKS without problems, thanks to the control of the restocking
  • FASTER CUSTOMER SERVICE and fewer picking routes with cross-docking
  • REDUCTION OF ERRORS thanks to mobile app control
  • OPTIMAL ROUTES and faster logistics through customisable warehouse structures
  • REDUCED WAREHOUSE EXPENSES thanks to the integration of suppliers into the supply chain

Modules for Logistics chain and Warehouse operations

Lots and Serials
WMS Mobile
Barcode Manager

Manage the goods and their handling in a efficient way. The functionality of Mago4’s Warehouse module allows you to code articles and services and navigate graphically through the articles to show the data. You can identify the items with Barcode, generate and manage codes, descriptions and different Units of measurement. You can also manage multiple warehouses, monitor the value and quantity available, carry out every operation, fiscal or physical, on goods and value items and deposits, as well as generate Adjustments to reconcile the stock.


The Lots and Serial numbers module of the Mago4 ERP downloads the items from the warehouse and automatically updates the data, allowing a parameterized management based on the activity of your company. You can follow the life of each item, thanks to the possibility of autonomous numbering, the choice of picking material from the same or different lots and the Management of internal/ external serial numbers in the active or passive cycle documents. You can search for an item in a simple, fast and safe way.



WMS is adaptable to any structure; you can perform simple and light missions, set strategies for locations, plan supplies with reorganization mechanisms, keep quantities under control. WMS is intuitive, speeds up operations and minimises errors throughout the procedure.


The warehouse is in your hands. WMS Mobile is an excellent resource for carrying out all warehouse logistics operations with both speed and precision. With a few “beeps” you can manage your goods: loading and unloading, transfers, packing and unpacking, stocks. WMS Mobile is responsible for transmitting the data collected in real time to the company database. In areas without Wi-Fi signal, WMS saves the data in the Terminal’s memory and updates the database at a later date.


With a Barcode reader and the Mago4 Barcode Manager module you can manage the loading and unloading of goods with a scan. Barcode readers automatically identify all types of barcodes in any document: the optical reader sends the code directly to the computer, and then Mago4’s Barcode Manager takes care of interpreting all the information it contains. By minimising keyboard typing, the system makes fast, safe and convenient filling in documents.


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