Sales and Purchases

Through the sales and purchase documents of the Mago4 ERP software, you can manage every aspect of the business relation with your customers or suppliers; you can manually insert every single document or generate it automatically following the standard procedure. Thanks to the modules of Mago4 the management of Active and Passive Cycles becomes a competitive advantage for your company.

Optimized procedures from offer to invoicing

In the management of the sale and purchase phases all information must be easily accessible, everything must be visible in detail, in a simple and clear way, so that the orders processing can be immediate. It is always better to load as few data as possible, in order to make the registration faster and error-free.

The ideal Sales and Purchasing process requires the program to behave in the same way for all routine activities: delivery, invoicing, orders, goods entry, invoice control. Thus the entire sales process can be managed quickly and with less risk of errors.

The Active and Passive Cycle Management modules of the Mago4 ERP are designed to take care of the entire process. You just have to decide how!

All the main buying and selling functions are combined in Mago4 ERP, in order to let you quickly complete the most relevant tasks. The sales and purchasing process are cross-referenced and they create a structure from which you can track the entire business process, including individual logistical movements, financial transactions and account allocation.

You can map the entire process (from the offer, through the order planning and supply process, to the invoice and check receipt) according to the desired and preset procedures. Integrated functions for logistics, quality control, agent management and much more support you in handling your business, in accordance with your local standards and regulations.

You can access the data directly from anywhere in the program, with just one click – directly from any module of Mago4: the data for the current job is displayed, increasing efficiency.

A limited number of masks for all activities and the ability to call up information with a single click also help new employees to work faster. Filtering options for all fields and default settings make it very easy to check or massively review data.

Workflow procedures allow you to further process data. For example, you can create, print or e-mail summary documents, create order proposals or transfer goods.

In Mago4 you can individually controll your processes, for example the display of inventory information according to quantity and value, the recording of data for financial accounting, the control of payment information, the shipping routes and transport and much more.

Thanks to Mago4 power to simplify process management, your company can easily adapt to market changes.

The Plus of Mago4

  • FULL TRACEABILITY, thanks to the linked documents
  • QUICK PROCESSES through automated workflows
  • PROCESSES’ FLEXIBILITY thanks to individual inventory paths
  • SUSTAINABILITY of detection activities through automated procedures
  • FAST DECISIONS thanks to the central information platform

Modules for Active/ Passive Cycle Management

Sales Orders
Sales Force Management
Credit Limit Management
Purchase Orders
Quality Inspection

You can manage orders, offers and contacts. You can enter Quotations in different currencies and handle the Order manually or by importing an Offer. Mago4 commits the quantities in stock, checks the available quantities and provides a delivery date, helping you with pricing policies and order analysis.


Sales of Mago4 assists you in all sales operations of products or services, thanks to the control over the process: issuing of delivery note, invoices, credit notes, tax receipts, etc., integrating currency management and schedules. Management of the entire active cycle, including Electronic Invoicing and archiving process.


With Conai of Mago4 you can set parameters for the automatic calculation of the Environmental Contribution and generate the sales invoices with the related fee. Mago4’s module is flexible and allows you to handle every case, from differentiated fees to exemption, passing through the generation of lists to fill in the periodic CONAI declaration.


Mago4’s WEEE module calculates the contribution for the disposal of electronic waste, allows you to set the parameters for the automatic calculation of the different categories of items. The system automatically charges the eco-contribution in the sales invoices, generates and controls the WEEE movements with specific lists.


Mago4 allows you to manage the Sales Force by coding Agents and Policies and calculates commissions, with different methods of calculation and maturation. Two separate registers summarize the personal and contractual data useful for the calculation, while the printouts provides complete information about turnover, commissions and statistics.


The management of the credit line is punctual and granted. Four criteria keep under control the reliability of your clients, considering their exposure to you and specifying the action to be taken. A traffic light indicator simplifies the control of parameters and helps you to focus only on rilevant information.


Set up cost optimization policies and reduce the volume of fixed assets in stock is easy with Mago4. Thanks to the Purchase Order module you have under control the supplies of your company. You can carry out automatic reorders and define policies and prices in a flexible way.


With Mago4 you can administrate incoming goods and related payable invoices, with specific regard to the recording of all purchase documents. In addition you can check the conformity of the goods and manage VAT registers and Bulletins. You can apply customised price and discount scales and manage the Additional Charges; with the lists you can analyse and check every aspect. The integration with the other modules is complete, like Purchase Orders, Warehouse and Accounting.


It’s quick and easy to define the quality of products and suppliers: Mago4 Quality Control records the testing operations on the purchased goods and detects any discrepancies. Thanks to the integration with the Purchase module, if the item is under verification, the Test Order is automatically generated. Depending on the outcome – compliant, to be discarded or returned – Mago4 generates the warehouse movements for loading the goods or the return document to supplier.


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