Platform Overview

Improve your company's productivity with an application suite that provides you with the development platform and support infrastructure to implement your projects.

All-in-one application system

Give everyone the opportunity to build high-performance business solutions.

Since Mago4’s ERP, Framework, and development tools are designed to work together, everyone in the company can quickly and easily create custom applications and solutions, automate workflows to improve business productivity, and analyze data for understanding, regardless of their technical maturity.

The basic TaskBuilder Framework and the TaskBuilder Studio development platform address both the developer and the power-user, because they host a wide range of tools to increase productivity and are the basis for creating new solutions.

TaskBuilder Studio

TaskBuilder Studio is a development platform created to implement flexible and robust ERP and Business applications.

TaskBuilder Studio abolishes any rigidity with Dynamic Application concept: the ERP installed solution consists of several independent applications that work together to perform the required actions. Applications provided by different developers, and aimed at different business areas, coexist in the same installation and are dynamically loaded at run-time. The environment and the building blocks provided by TaskBuilder Framework are common to all applications, displaying a consistent set of interfaces and behaviors, even if implemented by third parties. Applications, in turn, consist of optional modules, just as with Mago4 applications.

TaskBuilder Framework

Task Builder Framework is the support infrastructure defining the overall architecture of your Mago4; it represents the foundations of the ERP system. Task Builder Framework defines the global architecture of Mago4 and supports you in the creation of projects.

With the TaskBuilder Framework component of the Mago4 family you have a structure that can give strength to your solutions and support you daily, thanks to tools designed specifically to increase business productivity. The modularity of Mago4, for example, is a direct outcome of the architecture model, where the logical structure is distinct from the user interface.

TaskBuilder Framework for ERP

If I like how can I buy it?

If I like how can I resell it?

You can install a demo version and try it out in your company; you will be provided with all the support for the implementation of your new ERP.

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