Why choose Mago4?

We have been growing with our customers for 35 years, and our customers grow with us.

The success of the Mago4 ERP solution lies here: we have been able to provide what SMEs need. Mago4 is in fact a solution created to meet the specific needs of many different sectors, ensuring that each company has planned growth.

This is what we have done so far, and will continue to offer it.

The ERP solution designed for your success

Focusing on what’s really important, calibrating processes based on the metrics and results you want: this is the way to effectively manage your business processes. Today’s increasingly dynamic markets require you to recognize change and adapt to it quickly. That’s why any successful company must be able to rely on a management solution that can configure processes quickly, without huge expenses and with no risk of incurring in high costs for updates.

For this reason flexibility, scalability, easiness and reliability are the core values of the Mago4 ERP product.

With Mago4 ERP software, companies are able to immediately transform process knowledge into profitable activities: with Mago4 it is possible to connect external platforms and dialogue with third-party products, so that data exchange is easy and smooth, from and with suppliers and customers. In this way, processes are optimally controlled, from administrative activities to internal production processes. A few simple masks help employees to focus on the essentials and automate routine tasks, which in turn minimizes internal effort and the possibility of errors.

This is possible because we have always focused our attention on the most important thing for our employees and partners: the success of our customers.

Mago is also Cloud…

Take full advantage of Cloud computing and manage your business in real-time with the MagoCloud ERP solution.

Mago4 ERP: the key factors

A wide range of robust and reliable solutions

Customize the product, monitor activities and benefit natively from development and application platforms: all this allows you to streamline business processes and free up the time and resources needed to accelerate growth, promote innovation and remain competitive.

Advanced reporting - integrated business intelligence

Keep the data flow under control, define export parameters and layout with the sophisticated Reporting Studio system. Combine data with visual analysis to generate meaningful and actionable business insights with integrated Business Intelligence capabilities.

Designed to support your growth

Easily add and customize management features as your business grows, taking advantage of a company ERP system that can manage in a flexible and dynamical way your workload as it increases, or new features are added. Mago4 is highly scalable by its very nature.

Why choose Mago4 solution? Some important criteria

A subsidiary in another country, a desire for greater transparency of control data or a customer requiring superior integration capabilities with third-party software: there are many reasons to adopt a (new) ERP software, also considering the increasing sense of urgency perceived by many medium-sized companies because of the development of digitization. To be always competitive, often optimizing business processes is not enough. It is also necessary to evaluate the solution for the programming of the resources currently in use in the company. There are many ERP software to choose from, but the daily work leaves little time to strategic considerations and you do not have whole months to compare different suppliers. The bad news: costly mistakes can only be avoided with careful planning of an ERP software project. The good news: In addition to the question of costs, five key criteria offer more certainty in the selection processes.

  • Integration – Software that covers all business divisions and locations, provides data centrally and automates processes is a much more efficient solution than local management. An integrated solution minimizes any frictional leakage in information exchange, avoids time-consuming synchronization processes, where errors easily occur, and data redundancy, media discontinuity and manual entry of duplicate data.
  • Modularity – An ERP software should be able to grow with the company, whether it is building new national offices or expanding abroad. The local presence of the software vendor makes it much easier to install ERP software in new locations.
  • Suitability to the industry – Many companies need special features to ensure that all workflows are tracked and that the potential for value creation is fully exploited in the planning of the company’s resources. Large all-round ERP software is not necessarily suited to industry-specific processes. In the worst case, they must be programmed in retroactive way with operations of personalization that demand much time. Products for medium-sized companies, on the other hand, provide less complicated and more economical solutions.
  • Future Reliability – The supplier is required to provide an idea and technical expertise for the future development of the software, so that it is always at the cutting-edge in the years to come. The supplier is not only the software manufacturer, but also a partner that accompanies the company throughout the entire digital transformation.
  • Ease of use –ERP systems must be flexible enough to offer each user the information they need at a given time, possibly through an intuitive and simple user interface.

Those who spend their time defining business objectives, documenting the needs of the various divisions and the consequent choice of software suppliers are making an important investment in the future of the company. This initial selection can also be facilitated by tests, certifications and references. If you still find it difficult to make a decision, despite all the objective criteria, trust your instinct, or rather, the confidence you have in the creators of ERP software.

Do you have to choose the ERP platform for your company?

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If I like how can I buy it?

If I like how can I resell it?

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