Mago e-Commerce

For your brand or company, e-Commerce is a great solution for expanding your business.
Customers are constantly connected: they have fun on the social networks, get information and buy products.

Are you ready to catch this opportunity?

A seamless integration between e-Commerce and ERP

Mago e-Commerce is the e-Commerce solution fully integrated with the ERP. It allows you to manage product and customer master data, orders and all warehouse processes in a fully integrated way with the ERP.

Mago’s e-Commerce guarantees you greater efficiency, time savings and a better shopping experience for the end customer.

A huge competitive advantage for your business!

Designed for your company

Mago e-Commerce is an advanced solution for selling online, a Java e-Commerce platform aimed at small, medium and large companies.
Companies from all over the world have chosen this solution in many market sectors (fashion, services, food, etc.) because of its modularity and flexibility in adapting to the needs of B2C and B2B business models.

Speedy order processing

Your online shop is seamlessly integrated with your MagoCloud ERP. Master data of items and customers, orders placed and stock availability are constantly synchronized to best manage your online business.
Real-time updating of information between e-Commerce and Mago4 keeps master data of items, retail categories, customer details, orders placed and stock availability in sync. This means that orders are processed promptly and stocks are constantly updated.

Create customised price lists and dedicated assortments

You can easily edit item information in Mago and have your e-Commerce updated in real-time. You can also set up customized price lists for your registered customers to give them special prices, a key feature for B2B businesses. If you do not wish to sell all the products in your online catalog, you can also set up a dedicated assortment in Mago4 by selecting just a few products.

Analyze your sales data

All e-Commerce orders are tracked so that useful information can be collected from the ERP to monitor data and analyze the volumes generated by online sales.

API communication with third-party systems

Our goal was to design a reliable, high-performance and scalable solution to meet the growing needs of your online businessto make it a success.
Mago e-Commerce is the perfect solution for managing any type of business: highly complex shops with hundreds of thousands of products and high traffic volumes; local businesses with a few dozen products in their catalog; businesses with several shops managed with a single installation or marketplace solutions. It is designed to communicate easily via APIs with third-party systems ( payment, shipping, CRM, etc.).

Your online shop exactly as you imaged it

Mago e-Commerce is available with a standard layout or you can completely customize the interface design and add all the functions that best suit your online business, relying on your reference partner for specific advice. The front-end and back-end of Mago e-Commerce are independent, ensuring maximum stability while updating. All system upgrades are installed on the back-end, without interfering with the interface customizations implemented by your partner.

Impress your customers

We have created a multi-channel solution to make your users’ experience consistent across all devices. We often start a purchase from our mobile phone and then finalize it from our tablet or PC. Thanks to Mago e-Commerce, your customer can pick up their shopping exactly where they left off, without losing valuable information and placing their order in just a few clicks. You can also show them custom promotions based on certain criteria you have defined, or on the products they have displayed and the pages they have visited.
To make the experience even more memorable, the internal product search is enhanced to provide your customers with quick answers and product suggestions while typing a search.
Mago e-Commerce speaks languages from all over the world, the system is available in a variety of languages and supports special characters as well as multi-currency functionality.

The Plus of Mago e-Commerce

  • Integrated with your Mago4 ERP
  • Simple data exchange and communication via API with payment systems, shipping, CRM…
  • Multi-Channel, multi-language and multi-currency
  • Fully customizable interface (on request)
  • Suitable for any B2C and B2B business
FOR CUSTOMER – The user experience while shopping is crucial. Category navigation and easy search make it easy to find products, and a quick checkout leads to finalize the purchase in just a few clicks.
FOR COMPANY – You can sell your products anywhere, anytime. The integration with your ERP allows you to manage your items, stock and sales process in a fully integrated way.

5 reasons to choose Mago e-Commerce

Perfect integration between e-Commerce and ERP
Minimize the risk of stock breaking
Customized price lists and dedicated assortments
Increase in customer satisfaction
More control over your business

Perfect integration between e-Commerce and ERP

Online orders are transferred to your ERP for immediate processing. You can constantly update items information in Mago4, easily insert descriptions, images and see them automatically displayed in your online shop.


Minimize the risk of stock breaking

Information on online sales is immediately transferred to your Mago ERP so that you always have control over the availability of your warehouse.


Customized price lists and dedicated assortments

You can offer your registered customers personalized price lists to reserve special discounts and prices for them. You can create a dedicated assortment in Mago4, selecting only those products that you wish to sell in your online shop.


Increase in customer satisfaction

Your customers have access to a multi-channel system that allows them to start the shopping from their PC and complete it from their mobile phone. To make your customer experience even more personalized, you can engage them with custom promotions.


More control over your business

Integration between e-Commerce and ERP is essential to work in the best possible way and always have your sales results under control.


OK, I want my online shop!


If I like how can I buy it?

If I like how can I resell it?

You can install a demo version and try it out in your company; you will be provided with all the support for the implementation of your new ERP.

Discover the most suitable partnership proposal for your company; become a Partner of the leading Italian group in the software and services sector.