TaskBuilder Studio

TaskBuilder Studio is the development platform created to implement flexible and robust ERP and Business applications.

With TB Studio you develop vertical solutions integrated with Mago4 or real stand-alone solutions. Applications that work in symbiosis with Mago4, with their own charts, data entry panels, menus, reports and much more.
Mago4's Business Objects allow you to perform actions already foreseen by the standard application: register an Order, calculate an account balance, etc. To extend or dynamically modify Mago4's behaviour, it is not necessary to modify the source code.

What can I do with TaskBuilder Studio?

  • Developing applications – TaskBuilder Studio abolishes any rigidity with Dynamic Application concept: the ERP installed solution consists of several independent applications that work together to perform the required actions. Applications provided by different developers, and aimed at different business areas, coexist in the same installation and are dynamically loaded at run-time. The environment and the building blocks provided by TaskBuilder Framework are common to all applications, displaying a consistent set of interfaces and behaviors, even if implemented by third parties. Applications, in turn, consist of optional modules, just as with Mago4 applications.
  • Business Objects – TaskBuilder Studio has been developed using Object Oriented languages and encourages a strict OOD (Object Oriented Design) approach for application development. Each component is obtained by specialization of abstract components, integrating it with others. The abstract components of the platform incorporate numerous predefined behaviors (export in XML, access via Web Services, DBMS persistence, etc.) that become assets of the specialized component.
  • Database Management – TaskBuilder Studio provides a range of components to manage the data from the application code. In this way TaskBuilder Studio manages MS SQL Server and Oracle, but also allows Database Engine from other producers to be added, avoiding the developer the difficult task of writing SQL statements compatible among databases. All other aspects of the interaction with the DBMS are managed through specific software components provided by TaskBuilder Studio.
  • Dynamic Collaboration Between Objects – TaskBuilder Studio allows you to extend ERP applications without changing the source code. The possibility to build new Business Objects using existing ones is crucial in order to implement customized or vertical applications. Often, the standard behavior needs to be modified to meet the customer or market needs. The typical variation of the original source code is not the best approach, because it hinders the possibility to easily update the product and prevents the installation of new versions. The Dynamic Component Collaboration model, instead, is able to satisfy the needs of customization and upgrade, and change the standard behavior without changing the source code. This approach goes far beyond mere customizations: several functions of Mago4 are in fact implemented using the same principle – eg. Sales Force Management, Production functionalities and more -. Furthermore, extensions can add actions and enhance the interface, while the Mago4 sources are available to the user for consultation.

All the benefits of the platform

  • Easy to use and install
  • Similar WEB / Desktop interfaces
  • TBF and Host Application instanced as IIS Module
  • Highly scalable
  • Low processing load on the server 
  • Use of high-performance JavaScript/TypeScript libraries

A solid architecture

Four key points of the TaskBuilder Studio development platform.


TBS provides an extensive set of software components oriented to ERP solutions: controls, templates, DBMS management, Business Object abstraction, menus, reports, setup, and much more.


Applications are built using the platform elements. Mago4 itself consists of various applications, including the ERP, core of the system, but everything is designed to allow the easy addition of third-party applications.


TBS fully integrates with TaskBuilder Framework, the integration framework of all application components, which contains all the general tools – such as DMS, Security, Auditing. The tools help you to interact with the application to browse and search data, manage access rights to functions and data, track activities, etc.

Web Services

The orchestration of the components takes place using Web Services, i.e. the communication interface used by all objects, components and applications implemented using TBS. Web Services support is therefore not restricted to specific objects with a limited interface. The result? All functions and applications are accessible via Web Services transparently, allowing other development tools and languages to use the BO developed on the platform.

Applicative Modules

Reporting Studio
International Studio
Setup Studio
Easy Studio
Wizard Studio
TaskBuilder Library

Reporting Studio

Sophisticated reporting system used by all the application developed with TBS. Reporting Studio has an intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface; it is able to call native Mago4 and other application functions. The data flow and the layout are under full control and you can define the parameters used for extraction conditions, filtering and sorting, insert images in any format, add links to Mago4 documents and other applications developed with TaskBuilder Studio. Furthermore, you export data to Excel, Word, HTML, text and send reports via email as an attachment in PDF format. Reporting Studio also supports Google Maps and Skype links.


International Studio

Localization features are the basis of the platform design: International Studio is the localization tool par excellence for all applications implemented with TBS. You can translate the applications created by the platform in all languages, thanks to a specific translation support tool, with the possibility of using glossaries, repeating translations already applied elsewhere, having a preview of templates to check the visual appearance, and so on. Translated items are stored in “dictionaries”, dynamically loaded when using the program. The application can therefore be displayed in different languages by different users of the same organization.


Setup Studio

Thanks to the Setup Studio component, you obtain an package which can be used for distribution, like any Windows product. In practice, you create installation packages for solutions developed by TBS Personal Edition, that can be downloaded via the Internet and are read at Run-Time and dynamically installed on the application.


Easy Studio

With Easy Studio you customize Mago4 and all applications built with TaskBuilder Studio: it is a tool to create your customizations in a simple and fast way, making them as upgrade-safe as possible and immediately portable, without writing a single line of code. The areas of use are endless: from simple functional changes to the creation of veritable applications: with its graphic designer Easy Studio simplifies the work to the beginners, but offers also the most experienced and demanding developers the tools to accomplish vertical solutions for specific market sectors.


Wizard Studio

Helps the programmer to interactively define new applications based on TaskBuilder Studio in a guided manner. You can define and control all aspects of an application developed by TBS, navigating the logical correlation amongst the components and automatically preparing all the necessary environment for its execution. Featuring a simple and intuitive interface, Wizard Studio is easy to learn and use: that’s why Wizard Studio brings real time savings and makes you immediately productive.


TaskBuilder Library

This is the Classes and components, described in C++, collection which any document definition is based on. The library allows advanced developers to create powerful business applications using Microsoft Visual Studio. Most of the classes are available through specific wrappers, also for C# and Framework .NET.



TaskBuilder Studio is based on standard programming languages (C ++, C #, Javascript, TypeScript) and uses standard MS Visual Studio development environments (valid for the Developer Edition); it is not a proprietary language or platform.
TaskBuilder Studio is a platform specifically oriented to the development of ERP and business solutions and applications.
TaskBuilder Studio is an open platform. Thanks to standard language and development environments, the developer is free to enhance customization by integrating other components.
TaskBuilder Studio is the platform Mago4 is built on, but it is not designed just only to customize the ERP: thus it empowers developers to have the same potential as our Zucchetti development team (valid for the Developer Edition).

Technological Highlights

  • Client HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript
  • Back-End in C++/C#
  • Resources dynamically described in JSON
  • Events managed on the Client side
  • Ajax + WebSocket communication protocol
  • JavaScript and TypeScript client Libraries: Angular, JQuery

System requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008 R2
  • 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (X64) CPU
  • RAM: follow the specifications outlined for the operating system (4 GB are recommended)
  • 1,5 GB of available hard disk space for Personal Edition
  • 20 GB of available hard disk space for Developer Edition
  • Recommended screen resolution: 1440×900

If I like how can I buy it?

If I like how can I resell it?

You can install a demo version and try it out in your company; you will be provided with all the support for the implementation of your new ERP.

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