Sales Force Management

Settle your commission by authorizing your Salespeople’s invoicing and check all invoiced commissions - all simply, thanks to Mago4's Sales Force Management.

Mago4 – Sales Force Management

With Mago4 Sales Force Management module you can manage your Salespeople, set the most appropriate Commission Policies for your company, and get summary documents to keep under control the situation…in total convenience.


Mago4 divides the main data into two separate masters data: Salespeople and Commissions policies. You can manage all the individuals for which you want to calculate a commission through a code (Salesperson). This code allows you to perform any type of related transaction in all the documents of a given management. Choose whether your Salespersons are employees or suppliers.


With the Balance tab, you can set a fixed monthly sales budget for each salesperson. Mago4 updates the values of Turnover, Acquired Provision and Accrued Provision based on invoices issued and commissions entries.


You are free to associate any policy with one or more salespersons. In each sales document that includes a salesperson, Mago4 proposes you the policy associated with it, but you can also change it as you SALES FORCE MANAGEMENT like. Every Commission Policy summarizes the contractual information that form the basis to remunerate each salesperson.


In Mago4 you find the commissions calculation on all the documents of the active cycle: Order, Delivery notes, invoices, non-collected receipts, receipts and Credit notes. Obviously, for credit notes the commissions are reversed to the Salespeople. In customer quotation, instead, there is no commission calculation, but you can however enter the code of the salesperson that managed that offer. Commissions are paid just from Invoices, Receipts and Credit Notes.


To generate all the necessary commissions to be included in each document, Mago4 creates a document called Salespeople Entry, which summarizes the single agent’s commission data. Commissions are settle on the basis of the Salespeople Entries. Mago4 manages commissions of collections, credit transfers and provides many reports that contain the salesperson’s commission situation.


Mago4 links the accrual of commissions to the expiry of the invoice rates or to the actual received payment. This way, if you want to reverse your agent’s commission in the case of an unpaid bill, you can do it. In fact, you have a document called Reversal Entry, through which you can handle the situation, and possibly re-credit entry in the event of a future payment of the bill.


With Mago4, you have numerous methods of calculating commissions, and you can also manage calculations from external applications. Commissions are generated by item or customer category, by discount bracket and turnover, even with the possibility of changing the commission rates. Starting from invoices, you can also calculate commissions based on customers, products sold, applied discounts, etc. Alternatively, you can indicate commissions directly on the sales document when it is filled in. Commissions can be accrued at invoice date, due date or after collection, allowing you to combine different types of accrual. You can manage accrued commissions by authorizing invoicing, thanks to a simple interactive procedure that guarantees full control of salespeople’s commission situations. It is also possible to manage area manager commissions, dividing them by single salesperson or by separate calculations. The salesperson may also authorize to settle his commission, but everything remains under your control. You have complete information on salespeople (turnover, commissions and statistics) divided into practical, detailed or synthetic sheets, according to your needs. The procedure also provides numerous statistics extrapolated from salespeople’s turnover, which can be integrated by customized statistics thanks to the use of Mago4 report generator.


    Associate each Salesperson to a code. Easily add, delete, edit Salespeople in documents. Choose whether your Salespersons are employees or suppliers.
    Set a fixed sales budget for each salesperson. Associate a policy to whoever you want. Find policies in all the documents that need them.
    Manage commissions in active cycle documents. Decide how to settle commissions. Check all Salespeople entries. Manage the unpaid commissions as you prefer.
    Manage calculations also from external tools. Create commissions as you like. You or your salesperson can authorize the invoice. Always keep the situation under control.

Mago4 is available in 3 Editions to meet the real needs of all SMEs.
The Sales Force Management module is provided for all editions.

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