Credit Limit Management

Do you know how to best manage the credit limit you give to your customers, correctly assessing their reliability? For this purpose, your business currently requires several types of controlling operations in the sales flow. Mago4 meets these needs with the fullness and flexibility of Credit Limit Management module, including the ability to perform different actions, according to the different types of document.

Mago4 – Credit Limit Management

Several functions are available for a wide and on-time management of the credit limit granted to the customers. Regarding the control on turnover and the total credit limit, the bills are now considered to be collected until the relevant due date, eventually increased by a number of days decided by the user, this independently from the type of closure you have provided for the customer. Keeping under control the reliability of your customers when you receive an order is essential! To do this, Mago4 provides you with four check criteria for the credit limit:

  • single order value;
  • total value of the orders still to be fulfilled;
  • turnover still to be collected;
  • total Credit Limit (orders not delivered, delivery notes not invoiced and invoices not collected).

For each type of check you can specify the action to be carried out on different types of document (orders, delivery documents, invoices and summary invoices). Entering a Sale Order, if one or more parameters relevant to the Credit Limit management is overrun, it is possible to block the document, that is registering the order denying its fulfillment until it is unblocked. The block can be automatically or manually activated. Unblocking an order is possible throughout a specific procedure, which allows you maximum control and saves the user who has already run the latter, in addition to the date and time of the execution. Being aware of the customer exposition is now really simple: this information is shown in the Customers Master and when saving documents relating to the customer itself. A window displays in a summarized, but complete way the customer status relevant to the Credit Limit. Thanks to a “traffic light” it is pointed out which parameters have been overrun and to which one you have to pay close attention. Moreover, three groups of data are displayed: the amount of the Credit Limit allowed, the amount used and the difference between the two values. Thanks to Credit Limit Management module, integrated with your ERP software Mago4, you have the most effective tools to set and monitor over time the credit that you give to your customers.


    Block customer orders that do not meet the parameters, you’ll be able to choose whether to unblock the document and fulfill the order.
    You have a total control based on four criteria. You can choose the action to be performed according to the type of document.
    Seeing if and what parameters have been overrun is immediate, thanks to the synthesis of the data and their graphic representation.
  • CUSTOMIZATION You can activate the blocks manually or increase the deadline for a number of days set by you.

Mago4 is available in 3 Editions to meet the real needs of all SMEs.
The Credit Limit Management module is provided for all editions.

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