The WEEE module makes the Mago4 accounting software able to calculate the Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment eco contribution automatically.

Mago4 – WEEE

Are you subject to specific regulations and lose a lot of time in fulfilling their tasks? No panic, Mago4 can help you too!
One of these regulations is the disposal of electronic waste, which is the reason why the WEEE contribution is paid.
Thanks to Mago4 WEEE module, it is possible to define the total amount of the contribution for the various item categories, automatically deduct the eco-contribution in the sales invoices, generate WEEE entries, which are used in various reports, useful to always check the amount of contributions received.
Thanks to this module, you can define the total amount of the contribution for the various item categories, automatically charge the eco-contribution in the sales invoices, generate WEEE entries. You can also control the contribution calculated in a selected period.


With Mago4, you can define WEEE categories, stating the total eco-contribution for each one of them. It is really easy to use this module, when default data are uploaded, Mago4 already provides categories and relative amounts.


You are fully free to set the items according to your needs: with Mago4 you can indicate the WEEE Eco-contribution directly on the WEEE single item, or refer to one or two WEEE category in the item. Moreover, it is possible to automatically associate the items with the WEEE categories: you can associate the same WEEE category as the commodity category or the WEEE category indicated to a set of selected items.


The WEEE contribution, automatically calculated by Mago4, can be added to the sales document or just registered in the WEEE entries. If you decide to insert the WEEE contribution line to the sales documents, it is possible to set the item code to assign.


    Easily Absolve the WEEE regulation. Automatically deduct the eco-contribution in the sales invoices. Keep under control all the generated WEEE entries.
    Define WEEE categories. Use predefined data for an incomparable rapidity unmatched speed. Use Contribution-Item Matches or vice versa.
    Automate the calculation of the WEEE Contribution. Generate WEEE entries and save them or add them to sales documents. Check and modify, if necessary, calculated values.
    You decide when printing the WEEE Contribution on an invoice. Choose which item code to assign. Record only the WEEE entry without printing it.

Mago4 is available in 3 Editions
to meet the real needs of all SMEs.
The WEEE module is provided for all editions.

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