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More than 40 years ago, the first barcode was read on a pack of chewing gum in a supermarket: it was the first use of a system that is now used 5 billion times a day.
Barcodes continue to play a crucial role in improving efficiency and increasing productivity in many different sectors.

With Mago4 all you need is its Barcode Manager module and any Barcode reader in keyboard emulation to manage all inventory loading and unloading operations with a simple scan.

You simply acquire the bar codes through a specific window that contains only the information strictly needed in that moment, making the operation simpler and faster than ever. Specifically, the barcode input window adapts to the document from which it comes. For example, in the bill of lading, by clicking on the dedicated button, you can specify the status of the item (Confirming, To return, etc.) simply by means of a function key or, even faster, by scanning the associated barcode.

Mago4 Barcode Manager can produce and recognize different types of barcode: from the simple barcode able to identify a single Item that may be differentiated also by Units of Measure, to structured barcodes composed by more information, such as Lots, lot expiry date, Serial Number, Quantity, Weight, Volume, etc.
The module is also capable to read GTIN (GS1-128) codes, which are widely used in the food and large-scale distribution sector.


  • ZERO ERRORS No more errors, thanks to the elimination of manual interventions.
  • QUICK It accelerates the goods recognition process and related operations.
  • SYNTHETIC The dialog box shows only the useful information.
  • COMPLET It works with the most common barcodes used on the market.

Mago4 is available in 3 Editions
to meet the real needs of all SMEs.
The Barcode Manage module is provided for all Editions.

If I like how can I buy it?

If I like how can I resell it?

You can install a demo version and try it out in your company; you will be provided with all the support for the implementation of your new ERP.

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