Cash Management

The solution for optimally managing your cash and the related operators, keeping all transactions up to date and under control.

Mago4 – Cash Management

With this module you can record all the debit and credit transfers of money (including collections and payments) using a special data-entry session. Periodically, after the appropriate checks for correct balancing, this session is consolidated and posts pure accounting entries.


You can associate every cash desk with a default currency and, in case, with a default operator that is automatically proposed at the opening of the cash session, based on the used login.


PTo use this module, your operator does not need to know accounting principles (e.g. credit and debit). All operations are accessible with the touch of a specific button: money transfer in, money transfer out, advance/collection from customer, advance/payment to supplier, advance for expenses and expenses/income. In addition, on opening the cash session, the operator can verify the cash balances accounting correspondence and start recording all the transactions.


You can display the progressive balance in every row, related to the transaction recorded. The initial and final cash balances are always under control. If an error is made, Mago4 does not allow its correction but rather allows it to be reversed via a special button.


When you record a collection/payment transactions, this is linked to scheduled payments, which are immediately updated by the cash clearing.


Thanks to a specific procedure, you can post the cash session, generating the accounting entries.


  • EASE OF USE Using this module is very easy: all transactions are accessible with just the touch of a button.
  • MAXIMUM CONTROL You always keep under control the opening, closing and progressive balance.
  • AUTOMATION  Depending on the login, Mago4 automatically proposes the default operator.
  • UPDATED Each collection/payment is linked to entries, updateable at any time.

Mago4 is available in 3 Editions
to meet the real needs of all SMEs.
The Cash Management module is provided for all editions, as a localization (except for Switzerland).

If I like how can I buy it?

If I like how can I resell it?

You can install a demo version and try it out in your company; you will be provided with all the support for the implementation of your new ERP.

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