Advanced manufacturing planning

Increase the productivity of your business and reduce downtimes and production costs thanks to the Manufacturing Planning modules of Mago4.

Mago4 – Advanced manufacturing planning

Mago4’s Manufacturing Planning allows you to optimize production planning using versatile and powerful tools.


As you well know, managing inventory stocks is one of the most important issues within production phases. It often means having to make choices that directly reflect on the technical and production process as well as on the economic plan.
In fact, an excessive amount of inventory stocks involves a greater immobilization of your assets and higher financial charges. The cost of materials storage is relevant, too; but,on the other hand, a poorly stocked warehouse easily causes irregularities or stops in the production processes or the inability to satisfy customers at the set time.
Optimizing these factors is therefore vital to your business, but how to make the right decisions? Mago4 provides you with concrete help, with the primary goal of ensuring availability of the material you need whenever you need it, meeting this requirement with up-to-date and efficient tools.


Basically, manufacturing planning means answering these questions: What to produce and/or purchase?
How much to produce and/or purchase? When to produce and/or purchase?
With Manufacturing Planning module it is easy to answer to all these questions and make the right choices.


MRP procedure a convenient Wizard guides you step-by-step, where possibly suggesting the most appropriate choices depending on the situation. You just have to insert the current data (the situation of production progress underway, the situation of stocks, the market demand, purchasing and production lead times, sales forecasts) and Mago4 automatically displays manufacturing and purchase orders needed to satisfy the demand.


The module analyzes the gross need for each finished product, in other words: the direct demand from outside.
This can be analyzed as a precompiled production plan, but also by directly reading open orders and sales forecasts.
At a given moment of the production cycle, you may have different requirements than expected and need to know what purchases to make to complete the production currently underway, and what are the most suitable dates for purchasing: in this case you can choose to consider, among the input options, only the current manufacturing orders.
You may also need to forecast the stock situation at some point, in order to deal in advance with potential critical situations, before stock levels reach a critical threshold. Also in this event, through a specific reorder point, Mago4 analyzes the stock situation projected to a certain date and suggests actions to be taken to meet future production needs.


An effective planning allows you to choose from a number of alternatives, all potentially valid.
Mago4 provides you with different simulations that can be compared to each other before deciding which of these best suits your business productivity. Once the choice is made, you can delete all the simulations that you do not need anymore. On the contrary, if you prefer to deal with the different production lines separately and to have several in-line, but not alternatives simulations, you can choose to gradually confirm the single simulation without losing the others.
Thanks to Manufacturing Planning module, you increase the productivity of your business minimizing management costs, improve business performance, and support the planner in understanding which areas need corrective action.


Thanks to the results obtained by a preliminary material planning, you can further analyze the resources loads, in order to find out the amount of machinery and how many staff resources you have to allocate to your production activities. All this occurs in infinite capacity, i.e. considering that resources are always available.
The carried out analyzes show the load peaks in production process and allow you to make the appropriate choices to face them. The results can be conveniently displayed not only in the form of classic tables (thanks to Reporting Studio reports) but also as Load histograms and Gantt charts, allowing you to easily and intuitively compare the loads of concerned work center and their capacities, indicating any critical situation in the Manufacturing Orders and the consequent delays.
How to act properly on the basis of these data? Mago4 automatically proposes the solution that is most effective, but it also guarantees interactive editing. In fact, you can act directly on the histograms, moving loads from one Working center to another, or moving the manufacturing dates to better tailor the planning to your business.
You can also take action on Grantt charts by redefining the start date of the processing, in order to manage any delays or emergencies.


Advanced Manufacturing Planning provides you with more interesting tools:

  • Il Multicalendar allows you to associate a calendar -different from the factory one – to each of the different work centers and thus to manage loads based on the actual capacity of the individual lines of production in different periods.
  • Work center families allow you to use different criteria to allocate the loads to different Work centers: load uniformity, priorities, only to external Work centers, only to internal Work centers or preferential
    Work centers, thus allowing you a more precise and flexible capacity planning.


  • AUTOMATIC You just insert the data and the module automatically displays all the information you need, from purchase to manufacturing orders.
  • FLEXIBLE Ask questions to Mago4, by choosing from multiple inputs depending on the type of information you need at that time.
  • INTUITIVE You have the right charts to understand the data quickly and accurately.
  • INTERACTIVE Act directly on the charts to redefine critical situations and to better manage them.

Mago4 is available in 3 Editions
to meet the real needs of all SMEs.
The Manufacturing Planning – Advanced Manufacturing planning module is available for Professional and Enterprise Full Editions.

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