With Mago4 Configurator module you can determine product composition alternatives, according to your production and sales needs.

Mago4 – Configurator

Mago4 Configurator provides important help in composing your items.This module can be used to automatically generate the variants in the bills of materials, beginning from specific questions: the definition occurs by “establishing” one of the possible alternatives for each possible choice.

The Production Manager can:

  • define possible composition alternatives for each product, indicating which components can be replaced by which others or include/exclude
    some components (optional);
  • define consistency restrictions between the choices;

The Sales Staff can:

  • directly enable the configuration function when entering orders, creating a new configuration or modifying an existent one, choosing between the available options;
  • obtain a suggested price for the set configuration, based on current sales conditions.

The Configurator module therefore helps you both in production and commercial configuration.
On one hand it assists the production department to define possible alternatives for manufacturing products so that they are feasible from the production point of view and inexpensive from the strategic/economic point of view.

On the other hand it supports sales staff when composing an offer for the product in keeping with the technological constraints and the possibility of confirming the price to the customer.

This module was designed to provide a simplified interface for Sales Staff so that they can quickly define the customer’s configuration by simply answering a series of questions.
Additionally, it facilitates the definition of possible alternative choices for the production department and minimizes maintenance during production changes.
The Configurator module focuses its activities on configuration as much as possible, treating the configured product as if it were a standard in the production process.


Mago4 allows you to generate product variants (configurations) according to specific customer’s requirements, starting from a generic bill of materials. Therefore, the sales price of the variant needs to be determined each time based on the selected components.
Mago4 Configurator adds the sales price of selected components to the sales price of the standard finished product. For example, a price can be set for the base configuration of a product, such as a personal computer, adding the prices of each selected component (monitor, motherboard, DVD, etc.).


Mago4 automatically calculates the sales price of every new configuration through the management of price lists.
The sales price of the configuration is the sum total of the list price present in the Items Master datasheet of the finished product and of the selected components.
In the Price Lists tab of the Configurator Parameters you can set the price list to be used to determine the sales price of the standard finished product and selected components.
The Standard item price list is the price list associated with the standard finished product, i.e. the basic version of the finished product on which customizations are made via questions and answers.
The Price list for configured components is the price list associated with components selected based on the answers given.


When an item associated to a configurable BoM is entered in any sales document, Mago4 suggests that a new configuration should be generated.


Based on the selected answers, a new version of the finished product is constructed, and therefore a new “configuration” that is basically a new variant of the finished product. A code is assigned to each configuration either manually or automatically. The code of this new configuration is also the variant code.
If you want to display the final product composition, just open Variant Master window and retrieve the generated item variant (configuration). In this window, you can also visualize the full structure of the final product configured according to the customer’s requirements. From sales document, you can also choose to retrieve an existing configuration instead of generating a new one. In that case, select the desired configuration from the variants present in the archive.


  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL Manage both production and commercial features in the configuration. You can choose between two price list types.
  • TAILORED FOR YOU Variants based on your specific requirements. Choose the best solution in terms of production and at the
    same time more cost-effective.
  • EASE OF USE Simplified interface for Sales Staff. Handle the configured product as the other standard products within the production cycle. Easily determine sales prices adding individual components to standard products.
  • AUTOMATIC Suggested configuration from sales documents. Auto-numbering of codes. Possibility to retrieve already existing configurations.

Mago4 is available in 3 Editions
to meet the real needs of all SMEs.
The Configurator module is available for Professional and Enterprise Full Editions.

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