The Tools module is designed for all companies that need to manage tools and machine tools used in Manufacturing, in order to carry out the steps required to complete the finished product.

Mago4 – Tools

For a well-organized production process, it is essential to trace every single aspect of the work processing: not only the materials, the machinery and the resources, but also the necessary machine tools.
If you need a tool that allows you to assess efficiency, monitor usage and analyze the status of these aspects, then Mago4 Tools module is for you.


The Tools module extends the functions of the Advanced Manufacturing module, providing you with the possibility to manage the various machine tools and measuring instruments used to carry out the steps necessary for the production process.
A tool can be unique or belong to one or more equivalent tools families, and it may also be for the exclusive use. In this case, if used in a work processing, it can not be used in others.
With Mago4 specific procedures, you can manage the beginning and the end of maintenance activities, also declaring the result of the process. Any tool, whether or not it is used, may be subject to periodic review. There is a maximum usage limit, beyond which a tool can no longer be used, unless it is reconditioned. Once the maximum number of reconditions has been reached, the tool will be out of stock and may be phased off.


In tools master data you can define and organize the tools you use in work processing. To use a tool, simply associate it with an operation to make it work automatically when processing a manufacturing order.
Tools, whose characteristics are similar, can be grouped into one or more Tools Families. In this case, you can associate the single family with an operation and let Mago4 select the first tool available during the processing of manufacturing order.


A tool is used when the phase starts: at that time, it is necessary that all the tools associated with it are available.
Mago4 Tools module provides you with the Tools Analysis procedure, which allows you to check at any time if you can execute manufacturing orders by using the tools you need.


Tools can be subject to wear and each one can have a different life cycle. Each tool may need to be regenerated after a number of uses or a certain time, or phased off, if it is no longer possible to regenerate it.
With Tools Reconditioning, the tool returns to its initial state and it is available again for other work processing.


A tool, regardless of whether it has been used or not, can be subject to periodic inspections. Review is a scheduled tools verification and control task, which is required at regular intervals. With the Tools Review procedure, you can submit an item under review and then state the ending and its resulting status: again available, out of use or out of stock.


The tools can always be manually inserted and maintained, but Mago4 offers you some features to operate automatically and faster and allows you to generate missing tools, replace them, delete them, or phase them off.


Mago4 Tools module provides you with a complete set of reports to keep under control all available tools, their families, and monitor their condition by checking which are to be reviewed, in review, to be reconditioned and in maintenance.
You can also print the history of each tool by using special reports, keeping track of its usage and everything in its lifecycle.


  • AUTOMATED You have at your disposal tools and procedures to automatically and quickly post, edit, analyze, maintain, and review.
  • MAXIMUM CONTROL Keep everything under control thanks to procedures and management reports that facilitate tools monitoring throughout their life cycle.
  • FLEXIBILITY Tools are always editable in any situation; even when the work processing is started, you can change the tool to be used and decide whether to stop or continue working if it is unavailable.
  • ORGANIZE FREELY Consider the tool as part of your production resources, choose how to use it, post all relevant documents, check the usage and maintenance condition.

Mago4 is available in 3 Edition
to meet the real needs of all SMEs.
The Tools module is available for Professional and Enterprise Full Editions.

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