Basic Manufacturing

The perfect solution for Small and Medium manufacturing Enterprises that need to have total control of their production through a highly functional tool, easy to use, and with reduced running costs.

Mago4 – Basic Manufacturing

The Basic Manufacturing module has been designed to provide you a management tool easy to use, reliable and cost-effective at the same time.
Thanks to this solution you can promptly satisfy customer demand and keep under control inventory stocks, in terms of finished or semi-finished products, and raw materials.
This is possible in a simple and intuitive way: Mago4 analyzes customer orders and inventory requirements, generating for you a Production Plan for the production activity of in-house or outsourced orders.


Even if your company is small, you have the same production and inventory control needs of large companies. Yet, you could have not enough time and resources to enter data in the program. Mago4 Basic Manufacturing module has been designed to effectively simplify operating phases.
In Mago4, Manufacturing orders can be automatically generated from the production plan. These orders are documents that contain all necessary information to start up production activity, such as, for example, the list of materials to be used in production and the list of operations to perform.
A Manufacturing Order can be directly submitted with just a click. With another click you can then calculate the final balance of this order.
For each item included in the Plan, Mago4 expands the Bill of Materials;
thus, manufacturing orders are generated for each level of the BoM, and for the quantities required to fulfill sales orders and meet inventory requirements, considering the minimum set stocks.
It is easy to trace at any time important information, such as the customer and the order, but it is also easy to know which finished product induced the production of a specific semi-finished good; all this is possible thanks to hierarchical structure of “Parent” and “Subordinate” production orders.
Mago4 provides you multiple analysis tools that can be displayed or printed, greatly assisting in decision about what to produce and when, what to purchase and when.
Using the Production Progress you can promptly control orders to be “start up” in production, according to the inventory availability of the components. The analysis can be repeated, changing different priorities: for example, you can analyze work orders sorted by delivery date, customer code or job etc.
For each order Mago4 can generate a check report on the progressive availability, allowing you to keep inventory levels under control and issue purchase orders in time.
Another important function is the final balance that can be also partial, so a single production order can load inventory more than once and at different times. You can also decide to calculate the balance of the order by quantity, choosing whether to pick the material required to produce a larger or smaller quantity, or to generate return transactions for eventual unused materials.
Moreover, thanks to Manufacturing Mobile functionality you can automate and accelerate the picking of materials and the calculations of work processes using mobile devices.


If the production order is outsourced, Mago4 is able to automatically generate outsourcing documents. You can quickly get complete purchase orders or only delivery note that includes all the rows for the production to be processed.
Basic Manufacturing module provides more than one simple procedure to generate delivery note, as it offers also a real tool for the analysis of quantities available at outsourcers, with possible proposal for reintegration. Thus you can issue delivery notes just for the quantity required for production or send to subcontractors greater or lesser quantities.
The final balance for outsourced work is simple and fast: entering the subcontractor’s delivery note and choosing whether to load the semi-finished good in the company inventory or c/o another subcontractor, should subsequent work be subcontracted.
Amongst the strengths of Mago4 Basic Manufacturing there are ease of use and the possibility to lookup the documents linked to the production order. Starting from the production order you can in fact, access all the linked outsourcing documents, including supplier order, delivery and packing lists for outsourcing works. Moreover, from the order you can directly access all inventory entries generated and the hierarchically linked orders, or trace the production starting from the last level of semi-finished product up to the finished product, therefore to the customer or order the production is intended for.
During the production process unexpected events are around every corner, as you well know. It can happen that you initially planned in-house work and must then subcontract this work or vice versa, or material may be changed at the last minute, or the quantities planned for production are not produced or produced in greater quantities. With Mago4 this in not a problem anymore!
No situation is unsolvable: at any time a closed order can be reopened, or picked material can be replaced.
Mago4 always adjusts all linked documents and updates inventory entries.
Production cost control is another crucial issue for your company. Basic Manufacturing module can calculate both estimated and effective costs.

Production costs are linked to:

  • the costs of materials – that can be valuated according to various criteria such as LIFO, FIFO, average cost, last cost, standard cost, supplier’s pricelist or weighted average cost, also for an individual lot;
  • the costs of semi-finished goods – in this case if it is available a hierarchical subordinate production order, you can decide whether or not to take into account its costs. If not, the inventory cost is considered.
  • operation cost – if production is outsourced, a supplier’s pricelist can be entered with price brackets for quantities and operation code.

Manufacturing of Mago4 was designed on several levels to meet your real needs. Upgrading the program to the latest release, you avoid the risk of losing documents concerning the in-progress production and you do not have to manually re-enter data: Mago4 imports all for you. For example, you can begin purchasing just the BoM module, to manage launches and final balances of production, and then integrate the module with Basic Production, to have complete management of all document and total control of the inventory.
Later, you can add Advanced Production module to manage the progress and final accounting of the single production phases. Finally, using the functions of Manufacturing Planning module, you fully manage the materials through MRP and work centers through CRP.


    Few clicks to submit production orders, and finally account them.
    The production orders and outsourcing documents are automatically generated. Entering the contractor’s delivery note you can quickly account production orders.
  • MAXIMUM CONTROL All important documents can be accessed from the production order, such as hierarchically linked orders, inventory entries or related outsourcing documents.
  • FLEXIBILITY In case of unexpected troubles, it is really easy to reopen a closed order or adjust it. Mago4 updates for you all the linked documents and inventory entries.
  • UPGRADEABLE Upgrading the module, Mago4 automatically imports all documents and data already used. In this way you have not to re-enter them manually.

Mago4 is available in 3 Editions
to meet the real needs of all SMEs.
The Basic Manufacturing module is available only for Professional Editions.

If I like how can I buy it?

If I like how can I resell it?

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